Help! I can’t get my flue open!

If you have ever had a problem getting your flue (fireplace damper) to open so you can light a fire, you’re not alone. This is just another reason why it is so important to have your chimney swept & inspected annually.

A conventional masonry fireplace damper that is located right above the firebox is almost always made out of cast-iron. Over time these dampers and the control handles can rust making them difficult to open.

Another issue with these dampers is that the door needs to push up in order to open. If there is something on this door like a nest, debris or even an animal, then they will be all but impossible to open.

If you have a factory-built firebox the round damper is usually made of sheet metal. These too can rust over time and become hard to open.

In the process of these dampers rusting and deteriorating they also start to leak air which wastes “paid” energy dollars.

The Energy Top, Energy Top+ and Seal Tight dampers are made of stainless steel and aluminum so they don’t rust.

They are mounted on top of the chimney and open and close via a cable that threads down the chimney flue and to a handle.

To open you just pull down hard and release.

These dampers also provide an energy-tight seal and make your chimney much more efficient in the long-run, leading to energy and cost savings.