Is your damaged chimney causing leaks in the basement?

The basement and your chimney seem worlds apart when it comes to the top and bottom of the home. That’s why no one suspects that a damaged chimney could be the reason why there’s a leak in the basement. But it can and does happen. Here’s a story from a recent Lindemann Chimney Service customer:

We were having a leakage issue in our basement that was due to moisture in our chimney. The frigid Chicago weather has caused quite a havoc this winter. Lindemann was able to diagnose the problem and were great to work with… – Steve M. (Chicago, IL)

As you can see from Steve’s story, damaged chimneys cause more than just inefficient and smoky fires. They can also affect other areas of the home including the basement. Here are some reasons why:

The mortar and brick are damaged allowing water to enter into the chimney and flow down to the basement.

The chimney was never correctly waterproofed.

Chimney crown damage is often one of the top culprits when it comes to leaks inside the home. Sloppy installation and poor quality materials make these damages common and frequent.

The chimney is not fully-protected from the outside elements with a quality chimney cap.

Water can seep through the ash door (also known as a dump door) and enter into the basement space.



When leaks begin to appear in your basement make sure to consider the affects your chimney is having on it. Have your unit inspected by the expert team at Lindemann Chimney Service. We can diagnose any damages and offer the best repair plan for your unique issues. We helped Steve solve his wet basement problem. Let us help you.