Keeping insects out of your fireplace

At Lindemann,  we like to keep our customers comfortable and inform you of situations you can avoid. Spring and Fall are the times of the year when insects are most determined to enter your home.

What better place to nest or winter over than your dark, inviting, fireplace chimney?

As we mentioned before, bees tend to divide swarms in the spring and throughout the summer. This new swarm looks for a nice hollow place to start their new colony. Your chimney is an ideal location. The biggest problem is that they often follow the chimney right down into your home through the fireplace.

In the fall insects are looking for a warm place to winter over or lay their eggs. For spiders fall is a mating season where younglings that hatch in May are reaching maturity. That’s part of the reason there seems to be a spider population explosion in the Fall.

There is a solution to keeping insects out of your fireplace chimney. That’s to have a tight-sealing chimney top damper installed like the Energy Top or Energy Top Plus. These dampers close tightly over a “refrigerator type” rubber seal when closed. When opened the fireplace is usually in use and the smoke and temperatures exiting the chimney are usually enough to deter insects and animals.

Speaking of animals, the Energy Top+ Damper includes a spark arrestor screen that will also deter animals if the damper is left open overnight.

In addition, the Energy Top and Energy Top+ are Energy Eavers. They seal off the top of the chimney tightly keeping “paid” energy dollars in the form of heat and air-conditioning inside the home. In fact they usually pay for themselves within 1-2 years showing a 8% savings in home energy costs.