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When you need air conditioning replacement on Chicago's North Shore, Lindemann is here to keep you safe and sound. Our highly trained technicians will install the optimal air conditioning system, no matter the age of your home or the type of air conditioning system you currently have.

We are committed to keeping our customers safe, comfortable, and system replacement is sometimes the best step in preventing future issues.  There are a few signs that your system may need to be replaced soon:

Your Air Conditioner is More Than Ten Years Old

This may seem obvious, but if your A/C is ten years or older, you should start preparing to replace it. Unlike your furnace system, air conditioners are often outdoors and exposed to extreme conditions during the year. This reduces their life expectancy. Today’s modern air conditioners can last between 15 and 20 years, but your older air conditioners last around 10-12 years.

The longevity of your A/C depends on a number of factors, including whether or not you properly maintained the unit as time has gone on. If you skipped the yearly A/C tune-ups, this can affect the lifespan. It can also be affected by usage, the temperatures in your area, and if unit was sized correctly for your home when it was installed.

Your Air Conditioner Frequently Breaks Down

If you’re getting annual A/C tune-ups from qualified technicians, you can rest easy that your unit will not have any issues over the Summer months. Many common A/C issues are due to a lack of maintenance. Our technicians are also able to preemptively spot and repair any issues your A/C they may find before the Summer season begins. 

Frequent breakdowns also mean frequent repairs, and the cost of those repairs can add up. At a certain point, it might be more economical to purchase a new unit rather than sinking money into expensive repairs—especially if your warranty has expired.

Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

Unless there are any sudden changes in your home’s energy use, your energy bill should stay around the same amount every month, fluctuating a bit for furnace and A/C season. If your energy use habits have stayed the same but your monthly bill has noticeably increased, it might be time for a new air conditioner.

Higher energy bills can indicate that your air conditioner is either malfunctioning or losing efficiency. Energy bills often start rising as an air conditioner gets older, so the two issues can be related. 

Receiving a high energy bill once or twice isn’t a cause for alarm. However, if your energy bills go up and don’t come down, you might need to start looking for a new A/C.

Expect the best in AC Installation from Lindemann! As the premiere choice in Heating & Cooling, we provide you with first class professional air conditioning installation.

When we install your new unit you can expect greater efficiency, and cost savings over time. You’ll notice the changes in your home right away with complete control over the comfort and quality of air in your home. Expect fewer repairs, and we’ll offer annual safety checks to keep your system running smoothly for years to come.

Our process at Lindemann is straight forward for installation and we’ll make sure to walk you through all the details with installing or replacing your system

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Lindemann services Chicago & the North Shore for all your Heating and Cooling needs. Trust us for your HVAC service! Following all HVAC guidelines, we use state-of-the-art technology to do a thorough inspection of your systems. Let Lindemann continue to keep you Safe and Sound with Regular Safety Checks!



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