Reasons to install a stainless chimney liner

At Lindemann Chimney & Fireplace | Heating & Cooling in Northern Chicago, we like to provide ample decision-making information to our customers. A stainless steel chimney liner is a big decision and we wanted to give you reasons why a stainless steel liner is a good investment with this article.

Cracked flue – a new chimney liner holds in flue gasses

Moisture – a stainless liner will prevent moisture migration.

Correct sizing – appliance will run at a higher efficiency

Insulation – an insulated liner provides more protection than a regular chimney flue

Minimizes moisture – a gas appliance venting into a large flue can create a lot of moisture

Protect your investment – a chimney liner helps contain the acidic products of combustion, helping to preserve your investment

An unlisted product – a stainless liner installed according to it’s listing will provide you with a UL Listing

Cold flue – a stainless steel liner will heat up quicker than a masonry flue

Warranty – most stainless steel liners provide a lifetime warranty

Adds value – a chimney that can’t be used vs. a warranted liner adds value

If you need more reasons in considering a properly installed stainless steel liner for added safety in your home, Contact Us!  We’re excited to work with you on your next project.