Reasons you should never clean your own chimney

Home maintenance is never easy, and in some cases, it can be quite costly.

Fortunately, there are some things homeowners can do themselves, such as tending to their landscaping and even painting their home’s exterior.

Chimney cleaning is not a DIY job, though, and there are several good reasons for this. Here are five reasons why you should never clean your own chimney.

A Pro May Find Problems You Would Have Overlooked

Unless it is your job to work with chimneys, and unless you have the experience and expertise to earn a chimney cleaning and inspection certification, there is a good chance that you may overlook a detrimental problem, such as cracked masonry or loose flashing, when you clean your own chimney. One of the biggest benefits in hiring a professional is his or her expertise. If there is an issue, these individuals will let you know and even suggest ways of handling it.

Professionals Use the Right Tools

You can visit almost any home goods store and find products you can burn to remove creosote deposits from your chimney. All too often, homeowners use these as substitutes for professional cleanings, and this eventually leads to fires. Creosote logs are beneficial, but you should use them between cleanings – never instead of a professional chimney cleaning service. The pros use tools designed to clear your chimney completely without creating new problems along the way.

Chimney Cleaning is Hazardous

Performing your own chimney cleaning means you will need to climb onto your roof and use high-rise equipment that puts in you in precarious positions. Professionals have been trained to use this equipment, and their certifications and years of experience allow them to stay safe in the meantime. Failing to clean your chimney properly can also cause issues; for example, if you fail to remove all the creosote and it continues to build over the winter, you could experience a fire.

A Basic Fireplace Inspection

Though you can inspect your own fireplace for the basics – loose bricks or a damaged fire screen – a professional can take this a step further. He or she can make recommendations that may provide you with a safer experience, or even give you tips on getting the most out of your fireplace based on its size and location within your home. This is valuable, and that’s just another reason why you should always have a professional perform your chimney cleaning service.


Finally, one of the best reasons to contact a pro for a chimney cleaning has to do with the fact that animals will sometimes build nests in your chimney. This is dangerous for the animals, of course, but it is also dangerous for your family. Birds and other animals can cause damage at the top of the chimney, and their nests or excrement can find their way down into your fireplace, too. Trying to remove the animals or their nests yourself can result in injury to either you or the animals. Experts have been trained in animal removal.

There is no substitute for a professional chimney cleaning, so be sure to schedule yours today. They use the right tools for the job, they’re thorough, and they’ll even provide basic chimney and fireplace inspection along the way. It is a great service for a great value, so make your appointment as soon as possible to keep your family and your home safe.