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Overall we were very pleased with results of our fireplace refacing project with Lindemann. The final product looks great and the workmanship is excellent. Barrett and Rafael were both great to work with - very professional, friendly, and respectful of our property - including our masking requirements. On the downside, we felt that the sales process was a bit drawn out. It took a couple of weeks to get from an initial inquiry to the point where we were on the list for installation. The installation was also paused for about a week (with demo complete) due to incorrect stone being delivered. It’s unclear to us whose fault this actually was. Despite a couple of hiccups, we are very happy with the end result and would recommend Lindemann for fireplace refacing.


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Fireplace Refacing
Our fireplace refacing process involves removing the old materials, preparing the surface, and applying new materials to give your fireplace a fresh and updated look. We have years of experience and expertise in fireplace refacing, use high-quality materials, and provide excellent customer service.


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Fireplace Refacing

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September 13, 2021