What Services Are Included?

Unsure about what we offer at Lindemann? Below is a breakdown of our standard Chimney Cleaning & Inspection Services provided at the time of the visit. Call or fill out the Contact Us form online with any questions or concerns you may have with your Chimney System.

Inspection Types

Lindemann Chimney & Fireplace offers three levels of chimney inspection depending on your specific needs. Obstructions or blockages in your chimney can cause toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, to enter your home. Regular chimney inspections can greatly reduce the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.
They are also prepared to bring your fireplace and chimney into proper working order should any issues arise during the inspection. A thorough inspection allows homeowners to enjoy their fireplaces all year-round.

The requirements of all three levels of chimney inspection have been outlined by the National Fire Protection Association Standard, NFPA 211. This is the standard by which all reputable, certified chimney service companies do business. Inspection needs will vary depending on the situation.

Level I Visual Chimney Inspection

A Level I chimney inspection covers all readily accessible portions of the interior, exterior, and accessible portions of appliance and chimney connections. The inspection is visual and does not include a video scan of the chimney, fireplace, or furnace flue system.

Level II Inspection (Meets NFPA requirements)

Level II Inspections include a video scan of all accessible portions of the chimney.  This includes areas within accessible attics, crawl spaces, and basements. inspection by video scanning. The external portion of the inspection focuses on the integrity of the chimney cover, crown, flashing and brick and mortar. We make sure the structure is sturdy, safe, and keeps water and animals outside. If you are buying or selling a home, the NFPA recommends a Level II Inspection at a minimum. Inspection requirements for purchasing a new home are different for each transaction.

Level II Includes a Video Scan of Your Chimney System

This identifies any cracks in clay tiles, missing mortar between tiles, and moisture.

Level III (meets NFPA requirements)

A Level III Inspection is designed to uncover structural damage or problems in concealed areas of the chimney. A Level III Inspection is usually called for if there is damage to your home because of a chimney fire or severe storm.  This may include lightning damage, wind damage and earthquakes. If we can’t determine the safety of the system in conducting a Level I or Level II Inspection, then a Level III will be recommended by the technician.

By estimate only – Demolition/Dismantling (to be fixed by a third party) that needs to be done to find the problem and complete the inspection (only performed when a problem is identified).

We clean the entire system:

*System includes:

  • Firebox
  • Smoke Chamber
  • Smoke Shelf
  • Chimney Flue
  • Damper Assembly
  • Rooftop inspection:
  • Check caps
  • Brick and mortar
  • Flashing
  • Crown