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We’ve been hard at work for over 50 years to keep you Safe & Sound and we understand our place in helping you in the care and maintenance of your home systems – especially your fireplace. As Chicagoland’s premier provider, our technicians and staff are the best around, providing award winning service on the Northshore.

Lindemann understands the importance and the significance of your wood burning fireplace.  We call it the original social media device: a space for your family and friends to gather in your home. It’s a centerpiece of conversation, a meeting space, where you catch up with friends, colleagues and family. It’s where you enjoy a warm cozy fire over the holidays.

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Types and Styles

Types Of Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Each type of wood-burning fireplace has its own benefits and drawbacks, and the one that’s right for you will depend on your preferences, budget, and the layout of your home. Here are some of the different types of wood-burning fireplaces.


Masonry fireplaces are the most traditional type of wood-burning fireplace, made of bricks or stone and built on-site by a professional.


Prefabricated fireplaces, or “prefabs”, are made out of metal and manufactured off-site and installed in your home.


A fireplace insert is a type of wood-burning stove designed to fit inside an existing masonry or prefab fireplace.

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How Should I Dispose Of Fireplace Ash?

Before disposing of fireplace ash, first allow the ashes to cool completely. Then dispose of them in the trash, in your garden, or compost bin. However, there are other creative ways to use the ash such as pest control or as an alternative to salt to de-ice your walkway.

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Common Problems

Common Fireplace Issues

While wood-burning fireplaces are a wonderful source of warmth and ambiance in your home, they do require some maintenance and troubleshooting from time to time. Here are some of the most common fireplace issues:.

Difficulty Starting a Fire

If you’re having trouble getting your fire started, it could be from wet or green wood, a dirty or clogged chimney, or a blocked air intake.

Poor Draft

If your fireplace isn’t drawing air properly, it can result in smoke backing up into your home or difficulty starting a fire.

Damaged or Cracked Firebox

Over time, the firebox in your fireplace can become damaged or cracked due to the high temperatures it’s exposed to.

Smoky Fireplace

If your fireplace is producing excessive smoke, it can be unpleasant and even dangerous.

Safety Concerns

Safety considerations

While wood-burning fireplaces are a great source of heat, they can also pose safety risks if not used properly. It’s important to have your fireplace inspected regularly to ensure that it’s functioning correctly, and to follow safety guidelines for using it. This may include using a fireplace screen, not leaving a fire unattended, and avoiding burning certain types of wood that can produce harmful chemicals.

Chimney Fires

A 2000 degree chimney fire can transfer heat through brick and ignite combustibles in your home. Chimney fires can be minor, but threaten your home and safety. Chimney cleaning and inspections is recommended at least every 36 fires or annually to prevent chimney fires from ever occurring.

Unlined Flues

Unlined Flues are not capable of protecting the combustibles of your home from high heat events. Stainless steel lining is an option for essential insulation to protect your home from fires, which can be installed to protect your chimney and home from fire due to an unlined flue.

Our Process

Lindemann’s Process

Our cleaning & inspections don’t just encompass your wood burning fireplace – we check your chimney top to bottom to ensure it’s safe and ready for fires during chimney season. As the largest chimney company nationwide, we understand and identify any and all issues that need to be addressed associated with your firebox and flue.

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