Review from Joan H

While there are many other HVAC companies that charge less than Lindemann, none provide the quality of service Lindemann provides. They are responsive, return calls quickly, answer questions, explain what needs to be done, show up on time, and perform the work thoroughly and completely. The techs are very knowledgeable and creative and offer a range of options. They seem to take pride in their work and they conduct themselves very professionally. I am completely satisfied with my experience and highly recommend them.


Customer Story

We think of customers first when it comes to Heating Repairs. Our Furnace technicians take pride in their responsiveness to service, repair, and maintenance with your heating system. We want to make sure we are as thorough as possible with routine maintenance, and offer comprehensive 20-point tune-ups, annual maintenance plans, boiler and air cleaner maintenance, in addition to many other services for your home system. This helps minimize the needs for repairs, and allows us to diagnose and fix only what’s needed to keep your system running optimally, extending the life of your system.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and keep you safe and sound. We’re working hard to create a long-term relationship with you as our customer. No one wants a break down during the coldest times of the year when and when you’re running your furnace the hardest. It’s our priority to keep you comfortable, safe, and as informed as possible with repairs and service. We’re very satisfied that we can extend the life of your furnace, saving you money and providing peace of mind.

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Date of Service

March 29, 2021