Review from Travis O

I bought my house a few years ago. I had never had a fireplace before. I made an appointment with Lindemann to clean the fireplace that winter and the technician immediately told me I had the wrong cap on my chimney and suspected I would have water damage or rust. He was right.

We finally got around to replacing the old fireplace unit. We decided to convert to gas. After getting a couple of other quotes I got a quote from Lindemann. Barrett was great to work with. The Lindemann quote was less than others – the only difference that I could tell was the Lindemann unit didn’t include lights, which I wasn’t convinced that I needed.

Then, to fault of mine, I failed to get the start date set. Barrett was again great, getting a date set for us and then helping us move it earlier as changes happened to his calendar. Jenny was also great during this process.

Michael did all the carpentry work on my fireplace. I enjoyed talking with him on the mornings he was at my house. I completely trusted the work he accomplished.

I love my new fireplace.


Customer Story

Fireplace Refacing
Each project has a life of its own, and this was no exception. We enjoy the process of designing, planning, and creating the solution that works best for you. The update looks fitting and gives your living space a new focus and feel.

Whether the difference is subtle or a complete update, we are right there with you to guide you through the process and work alongside you. We don’t want you to just be satisfied with the work, we want it to far exceed your expectations.

Service provided

Fireplace Refacing


Willow Springs

Date of Service

July 28, 2021