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Had sadly not used our "heatalator" fireplace for years, and was told my chimney was in need of dire repair, i.e. tuck pointing, crumbling bricks, and so on. We missed having those warm fires. Jim from Lindemann Chimney came out and used an ingenious device to take pictures using his phone (!) of the chimney lining from the firebox all the way to the cap. As I suspected, the lining was cracked. New stainless steel liners and caps for the fireplace and hot water heater chimneys were professionally installed in a matter of hours. A new flue was installed for the fireplace that was built in to the cap and cable operated from the firebox, an interesting design. Next came the deconstruction and rebuilding of the chimney from the roof line to the cap. They matched the brick and mortar in my sixty plus year old house perfectly. Clean up for both projects left everything spotless and immaculate. I am very impressed with their services, professionalism, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. As another reviewer has pointed out, you certainly do get what you pay for.


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Chimney Tuckpointing, Repair & Restoration
We offer a comprehensive chimney tuckpointing, repair, and restoration process that involves carefully examining the chimney's structure to identify any damage or issues. You can trust in our experienced technicians and commitment to providing high-quality results that exceed expectations

Wood Fireplace
We offer a seamless and efficient wood fireplace installation and repair process, from start to finish, ensuring your fireplace is up and running in no time. You can trust us to deliver exceptional service and quality workmanship, making us the ideal choice for all your fireplace needs.


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September 27, 2014