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We needed to remove a basement incinerator, built with the home in 1928, which was not used, and projected beyond otherwise finished interior walls in the basement laundry room. Lindemann came out, estimated a fair cost for removing what amounted to the front half of a chimney that originated in the basement, and rebricked the wall flush with the existing concrete foundation. Team arrived on schedule, were professional, protected the home (debris out and brick/mortar in via 5 gal buckets over carpeted basement stairs), and finished in 7 hours of work! The brickwork looks like they intended it to be seen; it's beautifully laid, no sloppy mortaring. Very fair price for excellent work, done with respect for the home. Strong recommendation.


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Chimney Tuckpointing, Repair & Restoration
We offer a comprehensive chimney tuckpointing, repair, and restoration process that involves carefully examining the chimney's structure to identify any damage or issues. You can trust in our experienced technicians and commitment to providing high-quality results that exceed expectations


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April 29, 2020