Review from Cathy B

The gentleman they sent, Nick, was professional, knew the business of fireplaces, understood what needed to be done immediately and was not going to charge for unnecessary repairs. I was very impressed with him and with Lindemann and wanted to do a shout out.


Customer Story

Gas Fireplace Installation
Installing a beautiful and efficient gas fireplace has been our pleasure! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying this new look and feel with an affordable, clean, and convenient option. From gas, to direct vent, to ventless, there were a lot of choices along the way.

In avoiding a complete renovation, converting to a gas fireplace was an affordable and hassle-free process. Our experienced professionals installed an easy-to-use fireplace that can be turned on an off with a switch on the system. We find the right solution for you for the size and space you have that’s going to improve your living space and give you an energy efficient warm, inviting fire that suits your home and needs.

Service provided

Gas Fireplace Installation


Lake Forest

Date of Service

December 18, 2021