Review from Eric M

Aubrey was on-time, knowledgeable, and quick. He even fit in some of the work at the end of his shift so we wouldn’t have to schedule a follow up on a later date. We will stick with Lindemann for the foreseeable future.


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Chimney & Masonry Repair
Lindemann handles so many different types of repairs, including firebox repairs, tuckpointing, crumbling crowns, spalling bricks, and even complete chimney rebuilds. With every customer, there are varying challenges and obstacles to overcome depending on the extent and location of the damage.

Our technicians come prepared to assist with extensive partial or full rebuilds, or minor tuckpointing and joint work. Large or small, we take care with each customer and job to do just what it takes to add years of life to your home’s chimney and masonry.

Service provided

Chimney & Masonry Repair


Hawthorn Woods

Date of Service

August 23, 2021