Review from John S

I am completely satisfied with the service I received from Lindemann. Initially I had an older gas fireplace (~10 years old or so) that would smell of natural gas while burning. Needing to get this taken care of, I converted it back to the original wood burning version. Unfortunately, after the first burn with real wood, our main floor smelled like a campsite. Needing to figure this out, I asked Lindemann if they would come out and look over my fireplace.

Steve came over promptly and spent at least 1 hour with me free of charge answering all my questions, and basically talking through what might be the cause. He did not pressure me into any service Lindemann offered, rather he laid out all the options and the costs associated with each. After a productive conversation we settled on performing one more experiment burning real wood, to see if we could get that to work without smelling up the house. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either! Which lead me to the only other reasonable option – purchase a retrofit direct vent gas system.

Having spent the time with me talking things through I was tempted to buy the system from Lindemann outright. However, I did go ahead and get a quote from another company to compare prices. The prices were very similar, but Lindemann’s (Steve’s) customer service to that point had earned my trust. I purchased the direct vent system through Lindemann.

The install of the system went smoothly and we now enjoy a direct vent system that produces ample heat and is super easy to use (just click the remote on). What used to be our coldest room in our home is now our warmest. I also appreciated the quality of work Steve performed. He took the time to understand my concerns and addressed them during the install. His level of care, attention to detail, and his customer-first attitude lead me to give Lindemann my full recommendation.


Customer Story

Gas Fireplace Installation
Installing a beautiful and efficient gas fireplace has been our pleasure! We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying this new look and feel with an affordable, clean, and convenient option. From gas, to direct vent, to ventless, there were a lot of choices along the way.

In avoiding a complete renovation, converting to a gas fireplace was an affordable and hassle-free process. Our experienced professionals installed an easy-to-use fireplace that can be turned on an off with a switch on the system. We find the right solution for you for the size and space you have that’s going to improve your living space and give you an energy efficient warm, inviting fire that suits your home and needs.

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Gas Fireplace Installation



Date of Service

March 14, 2020