Review from Patrick M

Highly recommended. We recently had Mark come out and reline our heating appliance chimney with a stainless steel liner. He replaced all the vent connectors and installed a stainless steel cap and did some minor tuckpointing. Service was on time and professional. Couldn’t be happier with the work!


Customer Story

Chimney Liner Installation
Lindemann is pleased to hear that this chimney liner installation went smoothly. Our aim is to add another layer of protection to your home, where we can provide a sound investment and improvement to older chimneys that have eroded over time.

Our process is straight-forward, and we appreciate the kind words our customers have with the update. We explain all the reasons and show you all the details for our recommendation to proceed with a liner install over another solution. It’s a safe and sound investment in your home and family that we’re happy to help you with.


Lake Forest

Date of Service

July 8, 2021